First Post

Phew! The first post. It’s like the first step in double dutch. You’re fine once you’re in, just hop from one foot to the other. But I stood outside those two swinging ropes, kinda swaying back and forth in a motion that says, “any second now…for real, I’m going to do something”. But it’s tough. So thanks for not standing there pressuring me – that really just makes it harder and increases the time in which I stood here swaying back and forth in anticipation.

First – a name. There are so many running blogs (that’s what this is by the way). Which means so many good names are already taken! But this morning, I was running around and it was BEAUTIFUL. Really. Like the kind of beautiful that makes you want to go find the people you love and show them everything as if it were covered in sparkly magic dust. Those leaves! The river! That goose!

Recently, we’ve had some pretty hot and humid weather and then today, it was cool and crisp and I put on new shoes (just a coincidence) and flew out my door like a kid chasing the ice cream truck. I was looking around on my commute to work and thinking, “Wow, I’m so happy. I wish I could just stay out here all day! Just like recess!”.

So, there’s the name. Running – it’s just like recess. It keeps me happy, it keeps me from being a grump (sounds like the same thing, but is not), it keeps me healthy and young, it builds friendships (AND entertaining rivalries), and it helps me to get through my day and to sleep better at night. It also allows me to eat massive amounts of ice cream, which is a nice added perk.

I suspect that a some people might be directed here accidentally thinking this is a blog about elementary education or about the tv show, “Recess”. I considered calling it something like, “Adult Recess”, but I think when you put the word, “Adult” in front of something there’s immediately some sexual connotation that accompanies it. And friends, this blog is about running. (and other tangential things related to running, like …eating, maybe) So don’t get the wrong idea.

But if you came here looking for discussions on elementary education, the tv show “Recess”, or even some weird kinky “adult” related stuff, feel free to stay. You might like reading and discussing running too. It’s the best. It’s like RECESS!

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