Addendum to first post OR Second Post

Readers, (or maybe at this point I should just address my boyfriend directly because he may be the only one reading this), I promise that this blog will have some substantial content. I plan to discuss workouts, food, life, products that have made running more enjoyable, and general advice for making running a successful part of your life. However, I do feel like I should address one thing. You may have read my first post and thought, “Too many exclamation points! (my boyfriend did actually say this). This girl is too over the moon about running. Recess is fun and running is (sometimes) torture. I can’t believe she’s even making that comparison”.

But to that I would say, “Was recess ALWAYS fun?”. Probably not.

In fact, sometimes recess was scary, because you knew that it meant you’d likely be spending the next 25 minutes trying to avoid being tackled by Bobby Livingston as he sprinted around wildly attacking girls and wrestling them to the ground. Recess meant skinned knees and grass stains. Sometimes it meant spending 5 minutes uncomfortably jamming your itchy uniform skirt into the legs of your snowsuit so you could spend 20 minutes freezing your face off before coming indoors to have your glasses immediately fog up, causing you to stumble around like a blind marshmallow man. Sometimes it meant that all the sleds were taken so you had to stand around hoping someone would get bored of sledding so you could have a turn (HAH! yeah, right). Sometimes recess was something to get through. Does that sound more like running?

Running isn’t always a sparkly dream state like I previously described. (My first post fell during the first week of really lovely fall weather here in Boston, following a pretty humid summer; and as my friend Stef pointed out, “September – November is really the time of year runners live for”.) But even when it’s not – when you look back, you’re probably glad you took that time out to do it. At the end of the day, as you sit there with your skinned knee, enjoying your bowl of black raspberry ice cream (or your mug of hot cocoa, depending on the season), you probably still preferred recess over a seemingly endless math class.

Plus, someday when all your survival mode sprinting has paid off, you will escape the Bobby Livingston tackle and laugh in his face as you head back to class. And that will make even the less enjoyable days totally worth it.

One thought on “Addendum to first post OR Second Post

  1. Sarah! You have a blog! I’m so excited to follow! I love the name because I 100% agree — I need some recess in this fabulous fall weather!!! And look at all those exclamation points…I looked back at one of my old posts recently and was horrified at how many I used. But that’s kind of how I talk and think so it’s ok? Unclear…


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