Eating all the things!

Oh my, I’m so sorry. I promise I’m not doing that thing of starting a blog with a bang and then deciding that lying in bed watching hulu is a more preferable activity. That is still to be decided, but it’s actually that I just ran a marathon. So some of the time I haven’t been writing was spent tapering (which makes it seem like I should have MORE time, but really, during taper I become pretty unproductive and also certifiably crazy). By not writing I saved you from a Virginia Woolf-esque stream of consciousness about whether I was running too much/too little, eating too many carbs or too little, sleeping enough, and whether this mysterious foot injury that popped up so suddenly after months of successful training was going to ruin my chances of even toeing a line on October 12.

However, now I’m post-marathon, but… I’m PRE-WEDDING. That’s right. In case you didn’t read it on social media, I’m getting married (next weekend) to this guy (his website is here). Don’t be offended that you weren’t invited. We didn’t invite anyone. In fact, the only reason my sister is allowed to come is because she is officiating the wedding. Also, as far as I’m concerned this entire occasion is about the cake.

(source: hyperbole and a half: cake)
(source: hyperbole and a half)

I’m sorry you won’t be having any (but in case you’re wondering we’re having two: pumpkin chiffon with Italian maple buttercream and apple cake with salted caramel buttercream). I know it’s standard to do a tasting, but we didn’t, so I’m really excited for the surprise of how amazingly delicious these are going to be.

Also, I’m trying to catch up at work. So, things are still a bit crazy around here.

However, this morning I wrote an incredibly long email and then I was feeling guilty like, if I can write a long email, can’t I just update my blog? So, here I am. You might be expecting a race report – but you’ll have to wait.

Until then, I will share a list of some of my favorite post-marathon treats.

If you know me, you probably know that I’m a bit of a picky eater. I would call myself a healthy eater, but I think to most people, I’m just ‘picky’.  I’m really pretty discerning about what I put in my body. I spend a lot of time running, so i gotta make sure my body is properly fueled and feeling tip top! As far as I’m concerned, eating good substantial food (and getting enough sleep) is a really big part of running well. But my one real weakness is sugar. I love dessert and a post-dinner treat is one thing that is a pretty much daily staple in my otherwise carefully monitored diet. As a treat to myself, I spend a week post-marathon going absolutely dessert bonkers. I eat dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It’s fun, but actually also a bit horrible. I quickly start to understand how people get addicted to sweets (and sitting on the couch instead of running). After eating an increase of treats for about 3 days, I start to want them all the time – even though they make me feel pretty awful – run down, tired, and not really sated. But whatever, after a hard training cycle, I think it’s important to take some time to ‘treat yo-self‘. Even if it means that your tongue will literally be sore from all the sugar (like when you eat too many sour patch kids or skittles).

So instead of inspiring you with tales of my marathon glory, I thought I’d inspire you all to think about dessert. Put some effort into it! Throw away that kit kat and get out there and find yourself some real dessert that is worth your time (apologies if you’re not in the boston area, but for those of you who are not, feel free to leave a comment about your favorite dessert and where you are, so i know what to look for when I’m in your neck of the woods).

Here we go!

The donut muffin at Sherman Café. I’m not a crazy fan of donuts (I think they’re as good as anything else, but they aren’t like my dream treat). However, this muffin takes the cake as the best muffin I can think of off the top of my head (though maybe the crazy bran muffin from Fox and Obel might contest). Sherman is on my way to work, and it makes for a great second breakfast.

Cannoli(s) from Capone Foods. While we’re in my neighborhood, let me mention Cannoli(s) from Capone’s. If Sherman is for the commute into work, Capone’s is for the commute home. I make the excuse that I’m going there to pick up mozzarella (best mozz. deal I know of) and then I get a cannoli to tide me over til dinner. I’m lucky if it makes it all the way home.

Christina’s malted vanilla ice cream. I love ice cream. But, I’ll admit that I’m kind of an ice cream purist. I don’t like the fancy flavors (though I’ll gladly try them by the mini-spoonful as long as you’re shelling them out) and will often default to vanilla/French vanilla or sometimes black raspberry. The malted vanilla at Christina’s though? It’s amazing. Not only great flavor, but also great texture (kinda melty)!

Violette Bakery: My body loves gluten. So I find it a bit strange to find myself recommending a bakery that is entirely gluten free – but man these people know how to make desserts. Some of the best cakes ever and their macaroons are insane.

Bougatsa with semonlina custard from Sofra. I don’t really want to mention these because I think they are one of Sofra’s best kept secrets. Compared to the really outrageous desserts and donuts that Sofra produces, these little phyllo triangles tend to blend in to the background. However, they are AMAZING. With Sofra’s pumpkin latte? Yes, I just made your day. Use ‘visiting the Mt. Auburn Cemetery’ as your excuse to get over there.

Tiramisu cupcake from Kick Ass Cupcakes. Despite loving cake, I never really got on the cupcake train. As far as I’m concerned, the cupcake movement was just a terrible acceptance of people offering underwhelmingly small pieces of cake for outrageously high prices.  For only slightly more than a cupcake, you could buy an entire cake. However, evvvery once in a while, I do find myself wanting cake, but it’s not my birthday and I don’t have an entourage that would help me consume an entire cake before it passes its short-lived prime. So, yes..I’ll give in and get a cupcake (see?! That’s how they get you) and the tiramisu one is very good.

Tiramisu from Tatte bakery. – speaking of tiramisu, why not get the real thing at Tatte? While you’re there – the halva rose brioche is great and if you’re worried that you’re going to be unable to fend yourself off before you get back to the office, you can get a meringue rose cookie which is very small and only mere cents!

Talenti gelato: This one is for all of you outside of Boston salivating over all sweet things we have at our fingertips. This ice cream/gelato is available in grocery stores. I like it because a. it has like 5 ingredients: mainly cream, milk, sugar, vanilla, and some sort of recognizable stablizer….and b. it is good. I recommend the salted caramel and of course, the vanilla. Pistachio is good too, stay away from their new chocolate pb though – I ate it before leaving on a long run once and it ruined me.

Let’s stop! There’s more, you know there’s more – but here’s a good starter project for your sweets tour of Somerville/Cambridge. Up soon – race report, I promise!

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