Catching Up

This is embarrassing. In fact, I’m not even gonna look at the last date I posted, but it’s been awhile. I know it’s been awhile because in the last post I was just celebrating some of the first snow (and cold night of camping) of the season…and we all know we haven’t had a lack for either of those things in the recent past.

I could just abandon the blogging effort – that’s what you were probably expecting I did – but nope, I just psyched myself out each week in trying to write something and then ended up putting it off until the next weekend when I would, of course, have more time.

Since I last wrote, I’ve trained my way through a winter that can’t stop-won’t stop. While many have found themselves at the end of their rope in regards to the winter cold and precipitation, there are some things about these past few months that I’ve enjoyed. Sure, this winter I found myself on an indoor track for the first time since college. I also found myself failing at a treadmill workout. I bought Yaktrax and almost spent $$$ on a treadmill of my very own. So, right – it hasn’t been optimal, but it’s made us runners all a bit closer. We found the river path lonelier than usual. We became more dependent on each other for support as we threw on so many layers that we felt like Ralphie’s brother in The Christmas Story as we headed out to try to run uptempo in temperatures that have made 30 degrees feel luxurious.

christmas story
I’m ready to destroy this tempo!


So, right, we haven’t had perfect training conditions. One day I struggled through four 11 minute miles along Memorial Drive in a snowstorm on my way home from work. But I still won that round, as I found myself surrounded by unhappy drivers in bumper-to-bumper traffic, getting stuck in the snow and slush. There’s something that’s a little bit satisfying about flailing around in the cold and snow while the majority of the city is cowering inside watching the TV as it tells them how rotten the outdoors is.

Before I get back to a more reasonable posting schedule of what I’m doing, here’s some bullet points on the past few months:

-Nearly all my running friends find themselves battling injuries that require them to take time off. I am sad.

-Before Stef is officially diagnosed with a torn hamstring, we meet for an early morning run on the river in 5 degree temps with 15-20 mph winds. Highlight: we see a girl running in booty shorts and a sports bra (ok, she had arm warmers too).

-I convince my husband to do workouts with me this winter so that I actually do workouts this winter. He agrees. He’s the best.

-I drive 4+ hours round trip to pull out of a race after 2 miles, but salvage the day with an intense ‘post-race’  brunch with Meagan at The Lone Wolf. She had the pancakes, I had waffles, we split an omelet and a pot of coffee.

-At said race, I am inspired by Meagan’s ability to make friends wherever she goes. As someone desperate for anyone to run with, I harass a Somerville Road Runners athlete into giving me her number so we can run together. (I may have been awkward, but I avoided using a cheesy pick up line)

-I make up for dropping out of the previous week’s race by running (and winning!) the Black Cat 10 miler up in Salem. It was very cold. I only win a pint glass, but regain my confidence in my training and fitness – well worth the $40 dollar entry fee.

-I drive up to Salem again the next day to join Meagan, Larissa, and Jordan for a long run around Salem and Marblehead. This run along the water, past beautiful houses, ending with a filling lunch + smoothie at Life Alive makes me feel a bit better about winter. (Note to self to get out of the city more).

-I continue to struggle with my new year’s goal to consistently do core work despite my husband and cat setting a good example with their diligence.


-I complete an epic workout weekend (not the smartest choices made) with a long tempo workout with Meagan and Kevin on Saturday and a long long (24 mile) run with Sarah, Brian, and Meagan the next day. I spend the next few days panicking that I may have let my ambition + excitement about so much fun running with friends get ahead of my ‘training smarts’. But after a handful of days I start to feel recovered. Crisis averted, lesson learned.

-I run the New Bedford Half Marathon to ‘gauge my fitness’. Some miles good, some miles alright. Feel a bit ‘meh’ about the whole thing. Plus side: some inspiring performances by Hilary, Katie (new running friend via Meagan and Twitter), and Erica. Despite an ok effort on my part, we (the BAA Women’s Team) finish on top! Also, I somehow run a slight 10k PR en-route: 37:32.

-Sometime between Black Cat and New Bedford, my hunger becomes insatiable. I become a food hoarder at work and at home.

-A number of my friends announce they are pregnant. I realize I am nearly 30. How did this happen?!

-I discover this beer and it enters our weekly rotation.

-I realize it’s only 4 weeks until Boston and that I’m entering that phase of training where I start to feel fit and also a bit sad because, well…as hard as it is, training is fun and this cycle is nearing its end. But then, SUMMER RACES and HONEYMOON!

So, here we are. This past week I tried to strike a balance between recovering from New Bedford and keeping a relatively high level of intensity in my training. This meant really being careful to approach recovery days and workout days with equal seriousness. This week is the final push in the mileage department (and maybe the last snowstorm of the winter/spring)!?



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