Marathon Madness!

We’re less than a week out from the marathon, which means I’m in full crazy-mode. I can tell you the predicted wind direction and speed for 10am on Monday, April 21 (approximately 137 hours from now). I can also tell you how many people have coughed or sneezed within a 15 foot range in the past 30 minutes. I would have posted this sooner, but I was busy googling their symptoms and trying to decide if what they claim is ‘allergies’ is actually a soul-crushing cold that is destined to attack my body over the next couple days of work. You think I’m joking, well, the joke’s on you!

But aside from being overly-analytical about things I don’t have much control over, i.e. weather and sickness, I’m feeling good about things. In addition to the race, I’m looking forward to seeing some friends from out of town who will be both racing and spectating next Monday.

The last few weeks went according to plan with some of my last longer tempoish workouts taking place. I went home to Maine this weekend to see a friend deliver an excellent performance as ‘Donkey’  in “Shrek, the Musical” and then we zoomed back to Boston via a stop in Salem so that Meagan, Jordan, and John (!!!!) could drag me through my last ‘long run’. When we left Maine on Sunday morning it was snowing/freezing rain and when we finished our run in Salem ~4pm it was sunny and 60 degrees.

Now I’m in to full taper mode with a short ‘workout’ tomorrow, a massage tomorrow night, and then short easy runs the rest of the week. My obsessive planning tendencies are turning from mileage and workouts to, ‘What tv shows/seasons will I catch up on this weekend when I am forced to laze around conserving energy?’

Suggestions (and HBO Go passwords) are appreciated!


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