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Many of you who interact with me personally have probably heard me talk about my experience at the JFK 50 Miler this past November.  If you have, you have probably heard me tell the story of how 15 minutes before the start of the race, I was in the back hallway of the Boonsboro school with one Saucony Guide (my trusty training shoe which I’ve solidly worn for years) on one foot and the Altra One2 on the other.

really wanted to wear the Altra One2, but I was nervous. – You know the advice to not try something new for a race?- Well, the Altras weren’t exactly new, but I had only had them for about a month and had only really done speed workouts (~10mile runs at a time with them). I had never worn them for 50 continuous miles (though to be fair – I hadn’t done this with the Guides either). But even though I’d only worn them for a month, they were quickly becoming my shoe of choice.

Well, time was running out and I decided to go for it. If I made the wrong decision – I’d just never tell anyone. But, as it turns out – I made the right one!

The Altra One2s felt amazing and I was very happy to have chosen them. As soon as I took my first step from the start line in Boonsboro to when I crossed the finish in Williamsport, I didn’t think about them at all (I mean, maybe I thought about them a little bit, but in a good way!). Which for me, is the sign of a great shoe. I’m crazy about rotating my shoes and Altra shoes have quickly become my brand of preference (I’ve run consistently in the One2, the Olympus, the Lone Peak, and the Superior and am looking forward to trying some of the other shoes!). The combination of the wide toe box and comfy ride has been great for my training (and racing) and I’m happy that I took the leap and tried them. (and have recently purchased a couple pairs for John to try too!).

So! I’m very happy to announce that Altra and I are now partners in supporting one another for 2015 (and hopefully beyond). Thanks Altra!! I’m very excited for the year ahead!

Secondly, many of you may also know that I left the BAA last April and have been running unattached since. However, I have not spent the last ~8 months running alone – and there have been some behind the scenes meetings taking place during this time.

My good friend and weekend (sometimes weekday) training partner, Meagan Nedlo, works for Craft Sportswear and some time in the early summer suggested the possibility of forming a Craft women’s team. Both of us, as well as several other women we knew were competitive in the local (and national) road racing scene and were also running unattached. Why not take advantage of this individual strength and form a team!

Meagan and our friend Larissa, worked hard in reaching out to these women, writing up a budget, proposing said budget, and ultimately developing a real-life official team of super fast, strong, and amazing women! [more about this in a future blog post] – The Craft Concept Racing Team.

Though we’re starting small, we have high hopes for this year’s USATF-NE Grand Prix – and future world domination. I for one am particularly excited to be part of a team that I really believe in, with a mission I can get behind, and some amazing women I’m happy to now call my teammates.

Additionally – if you haven’t tried Craft, I am fully behind them as a brand. I promise to never hype anything that I don’t actually really love. So far, everything I have from them has proved amazing – especially in this crazy winter weather we’ve been having in New England. Craft is built for this weather. Specifically, I will tell you all now, that this shirt is the most amazing running/hiking shirt I have ever owned and worn: ER Wind Jersey. I probably wear it 5/7 days a week, at least. It looks good (in that it makes me look good!) and IT HAS BUILT-IN MITTENS!!!!! It also has two tiny magnets that help secure the zippered neck in the open and zipped positions. But did mention it has built-in mittens?!

photo (1)
Here’s a picture of me wearing it (showing off the mittens!)


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