If you live in the Boston area, I don’t need to tell you about the snow. I’m also assuming that if you’re from elsewhere, you’ve at least heard about the record amount of it that we have (and are continuing to get).

photo 2 (3)
Liberty and Flume

In general, I like a snowy winter. If I’m going to live in the Northeast – a place that claims four distinct seasons, I’m going to appreciate the four seasons (except for the humidity in the summer). Additionally, winter is the time of year where most people coop themselves up. So it often means more space for me to play outside without the fair-weather-fanatics getting all in my way. That being said, this winter has been a bit more than challenging when it comes to running, especially running fast. But, I’m making it work. Last week I did over 70 of my 98 miles of running in a parking lot. It was GREAT. (Not really…but it was better than a treadmill.)

The only other problem I can really see about this snow is that it’s making people really angry. Like…unreasonably angry. Like people slashing other people’s tires for stealing their parking spot (on a public street) crazy. I’ve had numerous cars nearly hit me (seemingly on purpose), scream at me, and generally act as if it’s not crazier to be driving around like a maniac in a snowstorm than it is to be out walking (or running) in it.

But still, I’m making it work.

This winter, John and I have made a distinct effort to escape the city almost every weekend to take advantage of the mountains nearby and the snow that is covering them.  Snow makes hiking so much fun!

photo 1 (9)
Garfield (we dropped the camera in the snow, which gave it this nice fuzzy filter)
photo 1 (8)
This might be Old Speck?
photo 3 (2)
Garfield (the little bit of sun we were able to catch that day)
photo (3)
Crossing Lonesome Lake on our way up to Kinsman
photo 4
A stop for lunch. I look like a very proper playmobile figure. But really, I’m just keeping my hands warm by tucking them into my pants.
photo 2
On the summit of Carrigain we had the choice to go back the way we came or take the (longer) loop. We convinced each other the loop was the best option. It was a long day, but we finished the lollipop just as it was getting dark.
photo 5
I can’t remember which mountain this is, but it had a fire tower and this great tree.
photo 3
right before the summit of Carrigain


Sliding down Flume


2015-01-01 11.34.02
Camel’s Hump, VT


Stay happy new englanders (and be nice to each other!)! We’ll all be complaining about the heat/humidity in a couple months.

2 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Boy you both have the right idea..enjoy the weather not like most folks that do complain.
    Everything is so beautiful..the trees and mountains looks like fun sliding.


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