CELEBRATION! (and another giveaway!)

A little over a week ago, I turned 31. I didn’t really celebrate my birthday this year. John and I went out to dinner the night before and then, my birthday morning he left to go teach a course at Woods Hole for a week and I spent most of the day doing weekend-type errands/chores (and following the Mt. Washington Road Race via social media).

However, a few days before my birthday, I received an email that gave me cause for extreme celebration!


If you read this blog regularly (as regularly as I post anyway…), then you know that I ran the Caumsett 50k, which was a qualifier for the USA World 50k Championship in Doha, Qatar. I specifically targeted this race in hopes of securing a spot on the team. However, sometime this spring, I was visiting the USATF site and browsing the qualifying information and I stumbled upon the qualification information for the 100k World Championship, in Winschoten, Netherlands.

There are several criteria that can qualify you for consideration for the 100k team, including:

1. A top ten finish at the previous year’s 100k World Championship.
This is an automatic qualifier and the US had two (amazing) women who met this standard –
Pam Smith and Meghan Arbogast – at last year’s competition in Doha, Qatar.

2. A first place finish at this year’s USA 100k Championship (the Mad City 100k on April 11).
This is also an automatic qualifier, which was met by Camille Herron in an super fast 7:26.24.

3. A top 15 finish at the previous year’s 100k World Championship

4. Running a Road 100km: Sub 7:20:00 (Men) or Sub 8:40:00 (Women) or a Road 50 Mile: Sub 5:40:00 (Men) or Sub 6:40:00 (Women)

5. Running a qualifying standard at one of the following three trail races:

-JFK 50 Mile (11/22/2014): Sub 6:00:00 (Men) or Sub 7:15:00 (Women)
-American River 50 Mile (4/4/2015): Sub 5:50:00 (Men) or Sub 6:50 (Women)
-Ice Age 50 Mile (5/9/2015): Sub 6:10:00 (Men) or Sub 7:20:00 (Women)

Little did I know, that my performance at the JFK 50 mile in November qualified me for consideration for the team. But upon stumbling upon the USATF 100k page, I saw my name down under Criteria 5. And…the other night, I received an email offering me a spot!


I’m so excited and honored to have this opportunity – to train for and race in a World Championship!  I’m really looking forward to being part of such an amazing team of incredible women and helping the USA in competition for the gold :).

What a dream!!!

I’m very fortunate to have had some really supportive people in my life as I’ve gotten older, who have helped me continue to set goals and work toward achieving them. Being active and athletic is something that has been a big part of my life and is generally accepted as a ‘good way for kids to spend their time’. However, it’s definitely harder as you get older and as responsibilities pile up (case in point: no recess!). I’m really appreciative of my family, co-workers, and friends for supporting me and for the amazing coaches, and inspiring friends and acquaintances I’ve made through running – they are a humbling group of people with some extraordinary strength and drive.

To celebrate both my birthday and this exciting news, another supporter that I very much appreciate, Craft Sportwear, has offered the Cool Seamless Singlet for me to giveaway to a lucky reader.

To enter, please leave a comment about your favorite treat (specific ones, i.e., ‘the salted caramel macaroon from Violette Bakery in Cambridge, MA* or ‘the chocolate lava cake from The Tartine Gourmand cookbook’ are always appreciated. But ‘banana bread’ or ‘butterscotch pudding’ also works too). I’ll use your recommendations to fuel my training and keep the celebration going throughout the summer!

*Recommendations outside of the New England area will be noted and saved for future travel 🙂


Women’s Cool Seamless!
Men's Seamless!
Men’s Seamless!


Additional Women's colors
Additional Women’s colors

Winner announced on July 9th!

18 thoughts on “CELEBRATION! (and another giveaway!)

  1. Chantilly cake from Whole Foods [Paycheck]! It is a deliciously light cake with fresh berries and pretty much tastes like heaven. Light and just the right amount of sweetness! And takes advantage of fresh summer berries!


  2. I just visited a place called “Treat House” in NYC…so if you end up in Manhattan, take a trip to Treat House! It is a specialty dessert place that makes all sorts of yummy varieties of rice krispy treats (ok…not healthy…but a yummy treat!!!) You can order for delivery nationwide, too! https://treathouse.com/


  3. Babcock ice cream (I am an ice cream junkie), which you can have if you ever do the 100k Madcity run in April (hint, hint, hint). Congrats on your qualifying and team invitation, incredibly awesome!


  4. vanilla softserve from McDonalds is the only thing you can buy in an airport for under $2 that will not kill you immediately!!


  5. Sarah, hey!!!
    Butter pecan ice cream, from this little mom and pop ice cream joint on the south shore. Next time you’re south of the city, hit up “Dairy Twist.” No matter if butter pecan isn’t your thing, they have dozens of other delightful flavors! Can’t go wrong (unless you go sometime November through April–sadly, they are only a seasonal ice cream spot).


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