Checking in

Like I begin every blog post, I will take a second to note that I have not written in awhile. In fact, since my last post, I have:

  • Run in the 100k World Championships (in Winschoten, the Netherlands) and placed 4th overall female, and was part of winning Team USA!
    10738123-1488EBBF57866EF776F7 (1)

    with Team USA teammates, Justine and Meghan!
    with Team USA teammates, Justine and Meghan!


  • Wrapped up the USATF-NE Mountain Series, finishing 2nd overall female (to the super tough, Leslie O’Dell)
    Example of good arm carriage. Clearly relaxed at least!

    leslie and sarah
    Looking a little roughed up! (Leslie looks great)
  • Won my second JFK title, improving on my time from last year by ~6 minutes
    Women's podium
    Women’s podium
    Jim also won for the second year in a row
    Jim also won for the second year in a row!
    Chilling post race with Mike Wardian - trying our best to imagine what a retirement home for runners might look like
    Chilling post race with Mike Wardian – trying our best to imagine what a retirement home for runners might look like


  • Taken some time off to recover 
    Pub Crawl 2015


    Modeling: Athletic-relaxationwear


    Clearly no explanation needed


  • Surprisingly found myself suddenly qualified for the Olympic Trials Marathon in Los Angeles, in less than 3 weeks (I found out about 8 weeks out, and about 4 weeks into my ‘no running recovery’.)

So in a little less than 3 weeks, I’ll be running my first marathon (that did not occur within another longer race) since 2014. Am I excited? To be running in a super exciting race, alongside numerous friends and athletes who have inspired me for years? Yes!

Am I excited to be ‘racing’ a marathon? To be honest, not really…

I’m only now (less than 3 weeks out) starting to complete workouts that I’d typically like to do about 10-12 weeks out from a marathon. I’m not in great shape. But whatever! Maybe I’ll come in last, but I’m going to look on the bright side. If I do come in last (a distinct possibility), I can say – I not only ran in the Olympic Trials, but I ran in the Olympic Trials longer than anyone else.

It will be fun! 

And luckily, since we’ve moved to Seattle, I’ve been putting in some real effort to find some training partners and it’s started to pay off! At first it was hard and I was very very sad, thinking that never again would I have people to train with, to push me, and to generally explore the city (or do numerous loops on a track with) early in the morning when it’s dark, cold, and rainy. But here’s it been 2 months and for the past two weeks I’ve had company for all my workouts and long runs! Hurrah!

So while I’m still envious when I see stuff like this:

workout FOMO


At least I’m making friends and weaseling my way into the Seattle running community. So far, I’ve gone to a group run at Seven Hills Running Company (and taken a nice nighttime tour of Discovery Park), joined Oiselle for a Sunday long run through Laurelhurst and the Arboretum, reconnected with running buddies from both DC and Boston, and found myself out of my depth trying to hold Sarah Robinson’s marathon pace for more than 2 miles.


As you’ve likely gathered, the Trials will not be my goal race. They will be an experience. My goal race, at least for the spring, is Comrades, in South Africa, in late May. As of now, the start lists look amazing. I can honestly say that I have never entered a marathon thinking, ‘oh yes! I’m super psyched that there are numerous world class athletes in this race.’ (except for the Trials). But I can honestly say, that shortly after signing up (a bit on a whim), I checked the start lists and was really excited to see some of the best athletes in the sport (Ellie Greenwood, Camille Herron, Devon Yanko, Kajsa Berg, Joasia Zakrzewski, Cassie Scallon…) also signed up. I’m still very new to the sport, so I’m sure there are a number of women I’m overlooking/not aware of, but all the same – just these names have me excited for a fun race.

After Comrades, my plans are still open. I anticipate the World 100k as my key fall race, but we’re still waiting for the announcement of the location and date.

So, that’s the update. If you’re from Seattle, I’m still learning a lot, figuring out my way around, etc. If you have any local recommendations (particularly for a massage therapist), please let me know!


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