Remember recess? That amazing time for running, flipping, chasing, screaming, climbing, and hopping around outdoors?

When I was really young, recess was pretty much all the time (when I wasn’t eating or sleeping). When I started kindergarten, two times a day were allotted for recess. In third grade, we hit another age benchmark and recess became a mere 20-30 minute break that prevented us children from tearing our teachers to bits with all of our whirling swirling energy.

When I started life as a working woman, I was horrified to see that recess was completely absent from the daily schedule (true and sad!). When am I supposed to run around like a maniac enjoying the outdoors and releasing my bottled up energy, ultimately preserving my sanity and my friendships?

But wait! I’m an adult! I can do what I want! (sorta) So I’ve instituted my own recess time. In fact, I often revert back to pre-third-grade abundance and schedule in multiple daily recesses.

I’m a 32 year old competitive runner, living/working/running in the Seattle area.
I support recess for all ages!


I am generously supported by Altra Running. I miss my former (but BFF) teammates from Boston’s Craft Concept Racing team.

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  1. Hi Sarah, my name is Karl Tirrell. My wife, Laura, and I were at the Marathon this year and last year also. We took a lot of great pictures, and last year, we got a photo of you running through Wellesley. Is there a way I can get the photo to you? In the next couple of days, I’ll find the photo we took of you this year, but we’re just looking through last years photos, since we just found them last night


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